selected works

Anda Residency

Anda Artist Residency.

Dissecting the disappearance of rooming houses in Toronto and the housing crisis worldwide. This work in process was explored in partnership with dance artist Nyda Kwasowsky.

We brought our experience into the space, using the environment and our relationship to it as our guide. What arose were sensations and feelings of disjointedness, discomfort and uncertainty. Our physical explorations were specific to the home, capturing the trace essence of community, weaving the stories of peoples, the interconnectedness of home within the self, and more broadly the spaces we inhabited through the residency and beyond. It is important to us that when embodying the complexities of this emotional topography, we also represent an internal and external perspective. Sensorially, we felt drawn to the periphery of the space and as guests felt sensitive and uncomfortable opening into them. This was and is someone's home, there is history here but the history of our bodies is not directly affected or connected to it. While being guests in the home, we hold value in creating space to offer movement as a grounding, healing, act of solidarity in a time/place of uncertainty and instability. We have created a movement work in progress to share as a means of conversation, support, inspiration, and hope for the future!


This short film Relations is a product of my ever present social anxiety. A lot of the times feeling watched, seen and judged in conversations with peers, friends and academics. In the creation process along with dancers Lauren Runions and Amanda Pye, we explored embodied interpretations of; reaction vs response, repetition, conversation structure, gestures and expressions found in conversations. Using these explorations as an attempt to demonstrate, examine and possibly understand as a means to release the weighing anxiety these interactions hold for me and others. With the film providing insight to the forming of a conversation, its inner workings and afterthoughts, this may be a cocktail of nostalgia, anxiety, intrigue and interest. Through the film the viewer gets to see both sides of the conversation through the eyes of the interpreters. How they experience of the same moment in time may differ, mirror or match. The words, written and spoken by Sidney Masuga guide us reflectively through this brief interaction.